food diaries #1

by - Monday, March 13, 2017

Yes, I am one of THOSE people who stops everyone from eating to take the 'perfect instagram food shot'. But I honestly can't help it, I just love food and food photography!

 I'm not a food extrodinare, or a qualified food critic, but I thought it would be nice to create a series of my favourite cafe's and restaurants for different areas of the world. As I currently live in Headingley, I think this is a good place to start!

Headingley is a suburb of Leeds, and about 2 miles out from the city centre. My opinion on the place at first was slightly split. But, when I got the chance to explore, I realised how lucky I am to live so near to all the shops, pubs, restaurants and cafe's that it has to offer. 

1. Monsieur Dejeuner - Cafe and Wine Bar

My favourite out of all the cafe's in Headingley, Monsieur Dejeuner encapsulates the essence of France perfectly. With French staff, French music and a VERY French menu, there is nothing more you could want if you wanted to experience a taste of France in England. With the most expensive sandwich coming to £5.90 and a full cheese board costing £10, it is a definite must visit!
(They even have a showing of a French Film every week, for FREE! What more could you want?)

2. LS6 Cafe - Cafe

Even though this park is in Hyde Park, a 15 minute walk from Headingley, I visit it too often to keep it out of this food diary! The menu at LS6 is bound to suit anyone, as there many options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans! As soon as you walk through the door there is a lovely atmosphere, and the decor is perfect for that instagram food shot! Although this cafe is a pound or two more expensive, it is defintely worth it! On Wednesdays there are usually open mics and also Film Sunday! In general LS6 is a lovely place to go. 

3. Hatties Headingley - Independant Cafe

Probably one of the cutest cafe's in Headingley, Hatties is an independant cafe which serves delicious cuppas, sweet treats, breakfast and lunch! Catering to vegetarians, vegans and gluten / dairy intolerants, it is guaranteed that you will find something you like on the menu!
The new introduction of freakshakes has definitely caught my attention, so a trip to Hatties will be happening soon! With lunch being no more than £6 and breakfast no more than £7, it is worth the visit! But if I was you I would definitely get a milkshake or hot chocolate with your meal!

4. Caffe Latte - Cafe 

Another cute cafe in Headingley, with a cheap menu and the cutest milkshakes, Caffe Latte is another shout and should be a definite stop if you ever get the chance to visit Headingley! The decor is a typical cute cafe style, and the perfect place to do work. Being just around the corner from this gem, I am definitely going to start going to do uni work here, as it is just so peaceful!

5. Trio - Bar and Grill

Quite different from the others in this diary, Trio is a bar and grill in the centre of Headingley. The food indefinitely lives up to the medium price point, and has an array of unusual, but delicious choices. The Cabanara and BBQ Duck pizza's are soooo tasty! When I went to Trio, it was half price for the whole of January, but they do have other amazing deals throughout the year!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this food diary thing, and fingers crossed you like the food as much I do! X

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