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by - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For any celebratory occassion in the past few years, I have personally handmade cards rather than buying them from various card stores. Being a creative person, I evidently enjoy the creation process, however it is the reaction from the person which I give the card too, which motivates me to create more as it is the most gratifying feeling. 

I was first inspired by a YouTuber named 'Kristina Werner' ( Since then I have had a fixation on creating delicate and beautiful cards, which in themselves are complex works of art.
Each of her card designs are so aesthetically pleasing and completely beautiful to look at. The way in which she so effortlessly creates the typography on the front will always make me envious. But along with being envious, it encouraged me to practise my own hand typography skills.. so that one day I will too, be able to create effortlessly stunning typography. 

As Kristina's cards range from embossing to illustration, and stencilling to being completely freehand, I always try to make a different style of card each time. 
Try being the key word, as each time the card seems to turn out to be a watercoloured / inked illustration... 

Although I feel if I had more card making equiptment, the designs would be different and possibly more interesting, but for now i'm quite content with simply illustrating the front of cards. 

In the summer I decided to mix things up and paint on tiles. Using ones which were left over in the kitchen, I applied acrylic paint to form intricate patterns. And even though it was very interesting, i'd reccomend using paint that can be locked in with a gloss layer! (Not acrylics as all the hard work I had put into creating the pattern with paint, came off when I tried to finish the tile off with polish!). 

If you have any enquiries about wanting a card made then feel free to contact me! -

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