by - Monday, January 09, 2017

Identity is very complex and unstable, we all have private and public aspects. The area of identity which interests me most is emotions, and how they change so quickly when exposed to certain things. 

Through music, photography, and video, I explored individuals reactions to a compilation of melodies, in hope it would unmask a side of them which is not usually shown.

Documenting the change in emotion was very fascinating to watch, as recognisable emotions come to the surface, yet they are irreproducible. Both turned out well, especially the video, as you try to match your own reaction with those in the video.

 Both pieces were made to be shown at the Open Studio Event, at the University of Leeds. 

Adding a black and white filter to the photographs allowed more focus on the true emotion, rather than letting one's attention be drawn to the bold contrast in colour. 

The video piece is 15 minutes long. However, this was to test the individual's reactions to the limits by using as many types of music as possible. When uploading it to Vimeo, I split it into 4 equal length sections. 

Part 1 focuses mainly on happiness, excitement, then fear; 

Part 2 explores more happiness, joy, excitement, apprehension and distaste.

Part 3 shows confusion, joy, surprise, and sadness;

and Part 4 also displays sadness along with pure joy and excitement.

After looking into the theory behind colour and emotion, I created a couple of quick simple drawings of the photographs, and used colours which matched the emotions. 

This piece uses complementary colours, to show feelings of awe and content. 

Whereas this piece has a combination of harminous tones, to decpit joy, content and interest.

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