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by - Thursday, June 09, 2016

With the sun finally making an appearance in the North East, I filtered through the wardrobe to make room for the 2016 summer clothing essentials. Truthfully, I hate everything in my wardrobe. But if I can manage to create something new, out of pieces which stay in the wardrobe 24/7, I am up to the challenge. I wanted to transform my white Topshop jeans, which lost their appeal after the first wear, into stylish shorts for the summer, whilst experimenting with two styles. 


• 1 Pair of Jeans
• Measuring Tape / Ruler
• Pencil 
• Sharp Scissors 
• Needle & Thread (which matches colour of the jeans) 


STEP 1 : 
Mark the jeans at your desired length. Then draw a line, with a pencil, across the whole leg. I would recommend having the jeans on when you do this. I marked mine to 13 inches (33cm), from the waistband. However I would recommend adding an extra inch, as you can always take away but cannot add on what you have cut off. 

STEP 2 :
 Cut across the marked line. When doing this, make sure you have very sharp scissors, as this will make it much easier! Try to cut as straight as possible. Being slightly off will not ruin the shorts, as a unique style is fashionable! Although you can correct the straightness with a hem if you wish.
STEP 3 : 
After cutting, fray the edges. This will vary with jean types. Mom styled jeans will fray more so as they are thicker, as opposed to the jeans used in the example (Topshop JONI jeans), as they are thinner ; meaning the fraying will be smaller. To fray, pull the thread at the edging on the jeans, until you have reached the desired effect. 


STEP 1 :
 Follow steps 1-2, which are shown above ^. Then fold up a small hem and pin it in place. I used a 0.25 inch (0.6cm) hem, but you could make this larger or smaller. The smaller them hem is, the bigger fold it will allow.

STEP 2 : 
Double thread your chosen thread. By doing this, the hand sewn hem will be stronger, making it less likely to fall apart. You can also do this step by machine, however these jeans were quite thin, so I wanted to do it by hand.
STEP 3 : 
After doubling the thread, sew above the pin. By doing this, the hem will stay secure and not be able to fold back over, to its original state. I used a running stitch for my shorts, but it would be more strong and secure if a back-stitch was used. When complete, make a knot with the remaining thread, then cut to secure it in place.

STEP 4 : 
After sewing the hem, fold the shorts. Folding once will make the stitching visible but if done neatly, this would look very nice! However personally, I prefer when the stitching cant be seen, therefore I folded a second time. Once you have your desired fold, iron over it to secure it in place.

So there you have it, 2 types of stylish jean shorts for the summer. Which one do you prefer? 

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