// o p p r e s s i o n //

by - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Opression (n) ; prolonged cruel, or unjust treatment or exercise of authority / the state of being subject to oppressive treatment.

A2 art and design graphics exam ; power. I chose the word power as it has various connotations to explore as well as it being very prominent within every era. Power is something which individuals come across daily, but I wanted to highlight the power within oppression throughout the ages. Therefore I took photography depicting  a black maid during the 1950's, inspired by 'The Help' ; a housewife within the 1960's inspired by the multitude of women aspiring to be one during this time; and an image of a modern day female, who is dressed to impress for a nigh out. 

I can't describe these digital painting pieces, as they speak for themselves. 
But here is my personal interpretation, of showing power over the decades;

dedicated to princess p, for keeping me going x

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