powerful persona

by - Thursday, November 19, 2015

When in the moment, taking a photograph and feeling the power of that image through the view finder, you know it will be rememborable. The elation within this moment is indescribable, as you know you have achieved the goal of capturing the raw persona which was desired. 

Nevertheless photography is so much more to me than taking and producing a compelling image; to me it is a medium which can integrate all art forms to create a spellbinding movement, which will be interpreted in thousands of different ways. I adore being aware of how each individuals semiotic knowledge is completley unique and in effect they will construe my piece in a personal manner, that connects with them and them only. It is captivating to know how many ways one art piece can be understood. No matter how subtle or bold the aura behind the photograph is, it can be elucidated greatly by every fresh pair of eyes and this is why I love this art form.

When in education and taking photography, you become inclined to be on an inevitable budget. Consequently finding ways to create images inspired by the greats such as Penn and LaChapelle has great difficulty as you become the set designer; costume designer; makeup artist; lighting technician; photo editor AND photographer. But to me this is the enjoyment, to be so involved within a piece then seeing the outcome. The images below are examples of this and shows that it is possible to do all of these duties as well as being the photographer. The first two images were taken against the back of a suede curtain, infront of the window, using the cheapest makeup and props I could find. The other images were taken at the local beach and train station, again using cheap makeup, using garments found in the grandparents closet.  I will leave you to guess the meaning, interpret these how you will. Budget photography can be surprisingly great...

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