oh my, sweet switzerland

by - Monday, August 10, 2015

The holiday blues have manifested... 2 hours after returning home. Yet, it's so difficult to truly express how breathtaking this last week has been. Yes, jumping off a bridge to diminish my fear of heights nearly killed me. Yes, hiking up a mountain actually was worth it even though my body was not inclined to feel that way at the time. And yes, I jumped off a bridge but couldn't push myself to climb up the side of a waterfall which was perfectly safe and less startling.. 

Nevertheless, in spite of this, I would do it all again 10 times over. Being in an extraordinary place with my favourite group of people (the scouts) and testing myself with strenuous yet illustrious activities everyday is perfect. And honestly? There is no place I'd rather be. 

When in the presence of such beauty, I thought I would try my hand at landscape photography. This type of photography, to me, is  the hardest due to how there are so many factors that you cannot control. Thankfully on this beautiful day in Kanderstag, the sunlight helped to emphasise the indescribable scenery. Words are inadequate, so i'll let the photos do the talking, enjoy!

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