by - Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I can't be the only one who has just spent an hour trying to fathom how to use this, can I? The demand of perfection + my lack of patience along with trying to make this a good read?  I mean yes, you could say that I am struggling... Hopefully in time I will improve.

By using Pinterest and Tumblr, I was unconsciously pushing blogging to the back of my mind. Reblogging allowed me to subdue the underlying urgency to be proactive and share my own work, to form my own identity rather than hoping to create one in the midst of everyone else. I just want to create something which enlightens what I love and write about it to en-capture the full story. So...

I'm Anna. An English town girl, with the ambition to become a photographer. I'm into everything arty, naturey and travely. Yes.. I did just make up those last 2 words but it maybe shows off my true level of artistry? I want to make a blog which focuses on all types of photography, maybe travel too,  so I guess we'll play it by cam-ear-a, get it?
I'm nervous so excuse the 'funny' jokes but anyway, let the adventure begin.

^that's me!

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