reminiscing l'essence

by - Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yes, I'll admit I could have been more active during the first week of the summer holidays... However every year, the drastic change between being snowed under and having nothing to worry about, always results in a lack of motivation. This, plus the craving to get away has resorted in reminiscing through old holiday photos and fueling the need for a change of scenery.

Hands down, I confess that I adore France. Everything seems so effortless, the lifestyle, the fashion and the overall spirit is perfect. Spending 3 weeks in France last year formed one of the most carefree and contented atmospheres. Climbing to the tallest point in Montpellier, adopting the classic french style and exploring the different cuisines is unbeatable. You can't deny, that the french have a natural style which makes us all envious, so endorsing myself within this allowed me to feel, that I could maybe, possibly, look and be effortless too.

Diana (my french exchange student and best friend) is the definition of the classic, effortless french girl. She is the perfectly tanned and more french looking one in the photo above + the girl who oozes that envious, natural beauty, whilst aiding me in being that french girl for the week I am with her.  

Ending the trip by visiting the Gorges Du Tarn was a different experience, focusing more on the french spontaneous and adventurous side. White water rafting, canoeing, hiking and exploring all this place had to offer, with some of the most intriguing people you can meet, a.k.a my scout group, was the perfect end to a perfect trip. 

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